Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

DotA-Allstars 6.61 Leaked! [Beta3]

Dota 6.61 versi Beta ternyata udah keluar, dan map kali ini adalah map Dota 6.61 Beta 3. Ga ada perubahan yang berarti di map kali ini, namun tetep aja masih ada beberapa changelogs di sini. Salah satu cahngelog-nya adalah perubahan pada base damage Faceless Void dari yang sebelumnya cuman 17, kini berubah menjadi 23 :D Untuk link download dan daftar changelogs-nya kamu bisa liat di bawah ini

Dota 6.61 Beta Map Changelogs:
Download Dota 6.61 Beta
(via GMC Station)

Download Dota 6.61 Beta
(via Just for Gamer)

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* Fixed natural regeneration on rax
* Fixed Living Armor not regenerating structures properly
* Fixed incorrect sell value on some aghanim scepters
* Fixed Double Damage visual effect to properly show when the user is using low graphics mode
* Reduced Double Edge cooldown (25->12)
* Watchers now have collision. They also have 400 less vision range and give +40 more bounty.
- Various misc code fps stuff
- Undid magic stick cd change
- Undid Sil armor change
- Fixed Reverse Polarity, it properly places them infront of you now
* Fixed an error in the damage calculation method for Plasma Field
* Reduced FPS drops when using Shiva's Guard and Plasma Field with some custom import files (PGRu-Unexpect3D)
* Improved Faceless Void's base strength (17->23)
* Improved Silencer's base armor by 2 points
* Restored original cooldown improvement on Scepter for QoP
* Improved Searing Arrows damage from 10/20/30/40 to 20/30/40/50
* Increased projectile speed on Mystic Snake
* Lowered Stone Gaze cooldown (70->35)
* Sven's Storm bolt now uses the normal unit targeting scheme. No gameplay changes, just the interface visuals.
* Fixed -ns mode
* Fixed Napalm not properly stacking and doing higher constant values [needs playtesting since it may be too useless now]
* Slightly increased Eyes in the Forest cast range (+25) to fix some order issue bugs [make sure u can't abuse it]
* Casting Nature's Guise on an allied unit will no longer take you out if if you have it on you
* Reverse Polarity now pulls units slightly infront of you instead of all around you
* Lowered Magic Stick/Wand cooldown from 17 to 13
* Added a new icon for Slardar's Bash (3587)



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