Rabu, 14 Mei 2008

Entrepreneur and a new rich

American entrepreneurs must be working hard in the present year, caused of a difficult economic situation. Even the economic experts said that American economy is going to recession. Many factors as a caution of this situation, but there are two big problems that faced by US Government: mortgage crisis and oil price.

But, this is not means that all opportunity to make a business is closed. Maybe that is true for intern the nation, but there is an interesting happened at overseas. The existing high oil price at the world markets causes more Nouveau Riche (French of new rich) are popping out from an oil exporter country. With large economic subsidies from their government, the Nouveau Riche have large money on their pocket to spend. This improvement of purchasing power will invite the entrepreneur to make a business around them.

For Russian or Middle East Asian peoples whose got a beneficial from high oil price, this is the right time to live it up and applies others service to fulfill their requirement. On simple words, the Nouveau Riche just want to give their money for someone who wants to take this opportunity. And only entrepreneur with good feeling can be success dealing business with them.

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