Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009

Romeo Hot Dance 1.4 28-04-09 (audition)

ROMEO HOT DANCE 28-04-09 (audition)

-Window: Canh Perfect Pro 95% (instead of normal hours click -> [Space] is
click Window -> increase to 95% perfect)
[Window] is between the male `[Ctrl] and [Alt]
-F3: Enable Auto Ctrl
-F4: Disable 'Auto Ctrl
-F5: Enable Auto F1
-F6: Turn off 'Auto F1
-F7: Enabling Auto Space
-F8: Turn off Auto Space
... +: Increase Auto Space coordinates
... -: Discount Auto Space coordinates
-Tab: Sometimes Auto Show (Couple)
-CapsLock: Auto BeatUp
-F10: Perfect Hack
-F11: Auto Cherco - Dinamic - FreeSyle - Crazy
-F12: Off -> Auto Arrows, double jump auto, auto beatUp

Pemakain masih sama dengan Rhd yang dulu..
dengan id dancer01....
password 111...
password optinal 123123..

(via Cheat Directory)

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